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*The Discovery of Fake Products* The economy condition in Indonesia pushes some people, mostly working class, to do extreme stuff in order to get enough money to survive. Along with the rise of criminal acts, small scale vendors also try to sell fake products made of dangerous ingredients. Dangerous chemicals could affect our health in a big way. As consumer, we have to be cautious and smart before we buy our daily needs.

Streaming Trans TV, one of private national television stations in Indonesia, creates the very first program that investigates fake products all around the country. The investigation starts from buying the fake product and follows the manufacturer with hidden cameras to know the process of production.This program will go to professionals to check the dangerous substances in the product and asks the effects of the substances. It also gives tips for us to differentiate the real products and the fake products.

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Trans TV is a popular television station thanks to its creative and diverse programs. Every month, it will broadcast new or improved programs. The programs are made to give the latest information and to entertain people. Special programs according to season are also broadcast to attract many audiences. Trans TV is considered the leading television station in entertainment industry. read to Kompas TV Streaming

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TRANS TV is one of the Indonesia television station that gives some tv footage that was quite entertaining for the people of Indonesia. In the historical records of this tv is the name originally TV7 and changed its name on December 15, 2006.

With committed always presents an entertaining event full of educational as well as airing the news that’s beginning, then no wonder if now trans tv has many loyal viewers across the region in Indonesia even though the company is not party to serve program telenovela.

As time goes by and the increasingly rapid developments in teknonogi, now the company has been providing party services trans tv streaming. Where the audience can see the tv shows on the display via an internet connection and can be accessed via hp smartphone android, ios, iphone and ipad tablet.

Hopefully with a trans service gives access to tv online can help you all. Don’t forget to tell your friends that are the sites of Streaming Trans TV online tv live streaming for free with great hd quality with no buffering.

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