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TV One Streaming Online tv one streaming online

TVOne is a private national television station in Indonesia. It was once known as Lativi, but then changes its name after the swap of ownership due to a case of bankruptcy. It broadcasts mostly news and sport programs and some variety and talk shows. As news and sport television station, it has a tight rivalry with Metro TV which has the same contents and target viewers.

Throughout its history of broadcasting, TV One has controversies regarding some of its programs. One of the controversies is the case of false charity program. It involves a patient of kidney failure as the donation recipient. This controversy raises numbers of complain and criticism from Indonesian public.

Nonton TV One Streaming Online

Despite of the controversies, TV One is considered a trustable television station when it comes to broadcasting news and sport. The news programs are fast updated, precise and diverse, bringing all the current news from all around the country and the world. It also broadcast a three-minute news summary and live report every hour. The sport programs also bring the latest update and news of sport in different fields.

TV One Streaming Online

Another unique trait is its talk shows. If you don’t really like watching a formal news program, TV One talk shows will give you a convenience way to absorb the latest news. The talk shows deliver news in a not-so-formal way that will definitely attract our attention.

TV One Streaming online is one private television station in Jakarta which was previously named for lativi then change as television has news number one in Indonesia namely net tv live online streaming without buffering.

Private television station tv one is administered by the national television company famous in Indonesia namely the bakrie entrepreneurs projected to jump by bakrie, tv one is television’s number one ground water serving news show or talk show that presented incomplete and complete every day directly and streaming. In fact there have been many television who wrestles on the surrounding ground water such as Indonesia, RCTI, Antv, global tv, trans 7, compass tv, Metro tv, Sctv, Mivo tv but when it turns into mnc tv and much more. But they are still pasted news vivanews every day on twitter. The main purpose of TV One Streaming this is serves a variety of news that exists throughout the country that can provide the insight, knowledge and educate for the whole people of Indonesia even until the news abroad.

To that end, TV One Streaming known by all citizens of Indonesia as the only viable news television in Indonesia with the presentation of an interesting and unique as well as complete and update. The image quality is very clear because it is spread over the entire territory of Indonesia from the tv one network.

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